Pier 9 Conceptual Retrofit


San Francisco, CA


Port of San Francisco


80,000 SF, historic pier shed


Wood and steel frame


Patrick Ryan Principal-in-Charge

Maureen Joyce Project Manager

Pier 9 is a typical historic shed at the Port of San Francisco, and the Port wanted to determine an order of magnitude seismic retrofit cost associated with retrofitting a typical shed superstructure on a pier adjacent to the seawall.  RJSD performed an ASCE Tier 1 and Tier 2 seismic evaluation of the existing superstructure, and developed a conceptual retrofit that could be extrapolated to other peer sheds as well.  As part of the project, we prepared a report, conceptual drawings, and calculations, all of which were peer reviewed. 


The conceptual retrofit included strengthening the existing wood roof, adding new transverse and longitudinal braced frames, strengthening existing collectors, and addressing steps in the existing diaphragm.  We worked closely with the Port to develop the report to make sure it was of the most use to the Port going forward, and that it could be applied not only to Pier 9, but to other sites as well.