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This project is part of the Oyster Point Development project in South San Francisco that consists of a large new park adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and the Oyster Point Marina.  Ryan Joyce Structural Design’s scope consisted of three new restroom facilities as well as fencing around the exisitng pump station.  


This project illustrates our experience in park development, including developing structural design solutions that are resilient to the public use and require minimal ongoing maintenance, as well as coordination with the landscape architect.  Due to its proximity to the bay, the environment at Oyster Point is highly corrosive, and the building is expected to be frequently exposed to water due to natural ventilation, shower use, and cleaning.  To address these concerns as well as architectural desires, the restroom buildings have concrete battered walls with increased cover to reduce corrosion as well as an anit-graffiti coating on the surface.  The steel roof is galvanized for corrosion concerns.  Special attention was paid to the mix design and concrete coatings to also reduce corrosion.  

An additional design challenge at Oyster Point is site settlement due to soft soils.  We worked closely with the landscape architect to develop typical paving details, and details for how the paving interacts with the mat foundations of the buildings.

Oyster Point Development


South San Francisco, CA


Kilroy Oyster Point


Hathaway Dinwiddie

Dreyfuss + Blackford



Steel framing, concrete walls and mat


Patrick Ryan Principal-in-Charge 

Maureen Joyce Project Manager